This project has retired. For details please refer to its Attic page.
Apache Labs | DOAPizer


A handy tool to create a DOAP descriptor for your lab

Lab's PI ID:
Use your apache ID as in
Lab's PI's Name:
Your name
Lab Identifier
This used for the svn folder name, so keep lowercase and no spaces
This is the real name of the lab. You can use case but avoid putting Apache Labs or Apache up front.
Short Description:
This is the human readable short description that will be printed in a condensed list of labs. Be brief but descriptive.
Make sure you describe your lab in detail so that it will be easier to find your lab using full-text search.
Programming Languages:
(Comma seperated list)
Operating System:
(Comma separated list) Optional if the lab aims to be OS-agnostic.
Standard: ID: (ie RDF)
Title: (ie Resource Description Language)
Body:(ie W3C)
The DOAP descriptor will be generated here, so that you can cut/paste it in your proposal email to the mail list.

You might want to use the RDF Validator to make sure that your DOAP descriptor is well formed before submitting it.